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Here we honor the beauty, elegance, and complex past and present eras by exploring the unassuming minute when added together creates life’s measured time.

Always seeking clarity, always looking for beauty, joy, and grace. Thank you for following the blog and lending support by telling friends, family, and others.

I look forward to creating something for you to treasure.

~ S.T. LéGray



After multiple life-altering events that came in quick succession, I found myself sick, broken, and lost. I searched for anything that felt familiar or provided comfort. Nothing soothed my soul, broken heart, or troubled mind.

Looking for a way to gain emotional traction, I tried to remember events I could think about without becoming overwhelmed. I tried to concentrate on memories of family gatherings, memories of special celebrations, memories of those who attended these events. 

Quickly I found I couldn’t think about the events as a whole, but rather only as a small glimpse in time, minute-by-minute. After weeks of failure to take the tiniest step forward and somewhere between being despondent and sobbing, I had a quiet realization.

Life is composed of these tiny units of time, a minute, sixty seconds. A minute seems unassuming in and of itself. Ordinary and modest, cumulatively, they are what make up our life.

If not for my abiding faith in God and knowing He has a plan that goes beyond anything I could imagine, I feel I would remain emotionally lost. To help myself lessen the grief, I tried different things. I returned to my art; writing, painting, and photography. The world that I have known left me devastated, while art gave me a measure of hope.

From those efforts, I created this blog. A space with no past, no loss, only hope for something satisfying to my heart and soul. I hope you find treasures from my exploration of The Ordinary Minute.

Collage of sailboat, French Cafe, and S.T. LeGray, writer

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